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Plasma processes have become indispensable in today's state-of-the-art

semiconductor manufacturing process landscape.

We at plasway-Technologies GmbH are experts in plasma processes of all kinds, especially for Atomic layer processing like Plasma Enhanced Layer Deposition

and Atomic Layer Etching.

plasway -way's to efficiency


P I L O T   P R O J E C T

FALP-tool Pilot Project

At a research institute, we developed the basic processes for the FALP tool.

tool is now available !

Plasway has reached its 1st milestone.

The FALP tool now works reliably for 3.5 h and can even deposit very thick layers on 17inch.

In addition, we offer our customers an ISO Class 5 clean room in which wafers can be handled, layer thicknesses can be measured by ellipsometer and analyzed by microscope.

6 & 8 inch demos are immediately available!

From Vision to Reality
12 inch demos on self-developed E Chucks are possible!
plasway -Technologies GmbH presents FALP® 300 

Would you like to become part of our team?

We are therefore always interested in motivated and talented new employees.

If you have the feeling that you would fit in with us and our team, please inform yourself here regularly. 

On our website you will find all vacancies

We focus on people - a good team is the essence of our company. 


plasway-Technologies GmbH 


plasway-Technologies GmbH

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